Guided Tours

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Booking a Guided Tour

All guided tours must be booked two (2) days in advance of the tour date by emailing SPECTO at specto.grenada@gmail.com or calling +1 473 405 8395 or +1 473 442 1748 or completing this form.

When booking your tour via email or email kindly provide the following information: Total number of persons; date you are requesting tour and contact info ( Tel and email). Also include the number of persons in your group as follows:

  • International or regional visitor
  • Students from St. George’s University
  • Grenadian local
  • Grenadian Resident living in the parish of St. Patrick’s
  • Children

Beach Protocol

  • All visitors on the guided tours will be given a permit to allow access to the beach. You will not be allowed on the beach without a permit. These permits are issued by the Grenada Police Force in cooperation with the Ministry of Fisheries and Tourism
  • No more than 13 persons will be allowed around a turtle.
  • No touching of the turtles will be allowed.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use flashlights or camera flashes on the beach, especially within proximity to the turtle. The only lights allowed on the beach are special turtle safe lighting which are red in colour To ensure that your turtle safe light (red light) is appropriate, feel free to email SPECTO at specto.grenada@gmail.com to check in with a SPECTO staff.

Guided Tour Fees

All fees for guided tours must be paid in lumpsum and by one person. If you’re part of a group tour operated by a tour operator, it is the responsibility of the tour operator to pay SPECTO the total costs of all persons within the group. Kindly note that all fees are non-refundable

  • International and regional visitors to Grenada – $80 EC or $30 US
  • Students from St. George’s University (SGU) – $50 EC or $20 US
  • Grenadian Residents living in the parish of St. Patrick’s – $20 EC
  • Grenadian locals – $30 EC
  • All Children – Half Price (based on above categorization)​​

Dress Code

We encourage all visitors to dress comfortably including bringing along a light sweater for cool nights and a rain jacket or protective coat in the event that it rains. 

We try to limit as many distractions to the turtles as possible and so we prefer visitors to wear dark clothing.

Important Guidelines

We ask that all guided tour visitors observe the following guidelines to ensure that everyone safely enjoys this incredible experience. Should SPECTO staff and tour guides deem that the following activities are ongoing on tour we will immediately remove the responsible visitors from the beach and Leatherback Conservation site or in the event that actions are viewed as severely disruptive, end the tour. We therefore encourage all visitors to refrain from the following actions:

Drinking alcohol or drunkenness
Disregarding the guidance of the SPECTO Tour Guide
Excessive noise or conversations
Touching the turtle without permission
Interference with any markers or other objects associated with the conservation or data collection
Using flashlights or camera flashes on the beach

Closed Beach Policy

SRO # 15 of 2010 Fisheries Legislation also known as the Levera Beach Closed Area policy allows Levera Beach to be closed at night to support all efforts to conserve the endangered Leatherback turtles during their annual nesting season which typically runs from February through September. 

SPECTO guided beach tours support the implementation of this policy through the use of special permits issued to all visitors on tour and through a set of guidelines and tour protocols. All visitors that do not support this legal mandate will be removed from the tour and the beach and reported to the police.

SPECTO’s Dedication to Safety

Our highest priority is to ensure the full protection of the endangered nesting leatherback turtles that visit our beach annually. SPECTO is committed to delivering the safest guided tour experience for all visitors.

With this in mind, we do have a NO GUARANTEE policy. Given that this is a natural wildlife tour, SPECTO cannot guarantee that visitors are able to witness nesting leatherback turtles or hatchlings on the night of their guided tour. Thank you